School Fundraising

Artcentric offers  the best art based fundraising programs which make raising
money for your school fun and easy! We turn children’s (and adult’s) original artwork into high-quality keepsakes. There is no better way to build self esteem and community spirit while raising money for your organization.

School Fundraising Ideas

1. Masterpiece Fundraising… Make a Ceramic, fused glass or a mosaic project to auction off at your annual school or organization fundraiser. Students of a classroom can cooperate together to paint or design the artwork for the auction. . . the opportunities are endless! We will gladly work with you to design the perfect project for your school auction or group gift giving needs.

2. Event Fundraising… Host a Artcentric Event or fundraising at the studio for your organization. Earn 10% back on all weekend sales and 15% back on all weekday sales generated by all guests who come to Artcentric to support your organization. A great way to reach beyond the membership itself; everyone can spread the word to their friends and family.

3. Gift Certificate Fundraising! Sell Artcentric Gift Certificates at your school school or PTA events. We will provide you with special gift certificates at 10% discount, you sell them for the full price. The difference is the profit you make for your fundraiser.