Glass Fusing

Another fun offering at our studio to get creative! Glass fusing is the process of using the high heat of a kiln to melt two or more pieces of glass together, ultimately letting you create plates, ornaments, jewelry… and more…

Glass steps

. Choose a base size.
. Decide if you would like it to be flat (tile, picture frames, ornaments, jewelry…) or slumped (plate, bowl,    candle holder…)
. We’ll give you instruction on how to start…
. Pick your colors, build your design, and then glue onto the surface.
. Your piece will be ready in about 10 days and another week for slumping.

Projects range from $10 jewelry piece up to $125 for a standard size, custom sizes available as well. There’s also a $6 studio fee per day per person.

We offer Glass fusing workshops with fun techniques… Click Here for more info!f17c8435-2858-4f46-bc46-042a188c86ff